Mt Barney

The Mt Barney area is a great place to visit. The stunning scenery and calming silence allows visitors to forget their busy lifestyle and simply relax. Their are many ways to spend your time in this lovely part of the world. For more information on Mt Barney National Park and the bushwalks that are available please click here.

Creek crossing on the way to Paddy Falls

 Horizon Guides lead a tour to Paddys Falls

For your first climb at Mt Barney we advise using a guide as the track can be quite deceptive and there are many experienced bushwalkers who have difficulty finding their way. We highly recommend Horizon Guides for all of your bushwalking needs. Please click here to visit the Horizon Guides website.

There is also a pretty, little loop drive (20 minutes) from the Upper Logan rd onto the Barney View rd and then the Mt Barney Rd before continuing back on to the Upper Logan rd heading back towards Mt Barney and Lillydale. This is an excellent sunset drive and you will usually see some gorgeous wallabies on your drive.

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