Available for Accommodation guests. Prices are per person 

Saddle Club (not a riding activity)

Saddle Club is available for children over 5 and is highly recommended if your child is nervous or hasn’t ridden a horse or pony before.

Saddle Club introduces the children to grooming and caring for horses and ponies.

This allows them time to get used to being around horses and ponies before they actually have to hop on and ride off.

30 minute duration recommended for children 5+

$20 per person


Pony and Horse Leads (animals are led by staff members) 

Pony leads and horse leads are a great way to introduce children (or adults) to the fun of horse riding without the  responsibility of having to control the horse.

This is the safest way to enjoy a ride as a Lillydale team member will lead the pony or horse and the rider can simply relax and enjoy the experience.

For children 5 and under - 15 minute pony ride $20

For children 6+ and adults - 15 minute horse ride $20

For children 6+ and adults - 30 minute horse lead $40

Riding Lessons

We highly recommend this for children who are really into horses but haven't had a lot of experience.

Your first lesson will teach you how to correctly guide your horse. By the end of your lesson you will be able to guide your horse to the left and the right, complete a simple obstacle course, walk the horse and if you have shown good progress trot the horse by yourself.

This is a great way to master the skills needed to ride in the arena with confidence.

30 minutes duration for children 8+ Individual lessons only

$90 per person


Horsemanship Experience (not a riding activity)

This is a must try experience for anyone who is really into horses and wants to learn how to handle them safely. Join a professional horse trainer to learn how to communicate with the horse using body language.

By learning how to communicate with the horse using groundwork first you will be able to understand how the animal thinks and adapt your behaviour to work as a team for a much more rewarding adventure.

45 minute duration Participants must be 10+

$120 per person Individual experience 




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